Torrent Group: the guarantee for safety closures

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Torrent Group: the guarantee for safety closures

All top-quality products must have security closures. These stoppers offer the maximum guarantee that bottles will not be tampered with nor the product adulterated during distribution and consumption.

Over a hundred years innovating in order to achieve the safest non-refillable safety closures on the market for the best brands.


The problem of adulteration

To set the scene, the problem of the adulteration of liquids is prevalent throughout the world. The figures of the damages caused by the counterfeiting of products increase year after year, causing millions in losses to companies and serious damage to the health of consumers.

The leading brands of Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs), as well as those of spirits and liquors require safety closures so that their products offer a guarantee of tamper protection throughout the distribution process and that the customer may have access to their product without risk or concern. Some examples would be countries such as Mexico or Colombia. They experience this problem to worrying degrees, where percentages of beverage adulteration surpass 40%.

At Torrent Group, we know that the first thing our customers look for is safety in their product. Manufacturers of liquors and olive oils require that the closures used in their bottling do not allow any type of contamination, adulteration or counterfeiting.

Our safety closures models

Torrent Closures safety closures have helped these customers to have full confidence in that their original product will not be tampered with once it is on the market.

Over 100 years in the market have made us the leaders of non-refillable stoppers for EVOOs market and major operators in the field of liquors and spirits. Furthermore, Torrent Group has the ISO 9001 standards certification, which confirms that we have a reliable and safe production standard framework at an international level and that we manage our processes efficiently, complying with legal requirements.

Next, we will describe our models of leading non-refillable safety closures, which are chosen by many of the most important brands in Spain and the world as closures for their bottles and to ensure the safety of their products.

Sintra: The design, materials, decoration systems used and a new security seal, both visual and audible, prevent this stopper from being rebuilt or reproduced, completely preventing any possible counterfeiting. It has been internally equipped with a labyrinth mechanism and safety valves that protect and shield it against filling.

CaptorThis maintains high levels of non-tampering and non-refillability. This model has a guarantee seal, which is hidden until the bottle is opened. Once opened, it appears and can no longer be hidden. Therefore, it is one more sign that the container has been tampered with. There is also a series of features and internal labyrinths that protect the bottling and prevent adulteration of the product.

Niptop: Another model with high security levels. Once the bottle is open and the stopper’s safety seal removed, it cannot be refitted. Therefore, it is easy to detect when the bottle has been opened. These closures are easy to apply.

V90It is a very innovative closure because it includes an effective telescopic dropper system and controlled dispensing. The presentation, once the bottle is opened, is surprising and novel.

Torrent Group invites you to sample its safety closures and also study our culture and philosophy: this makes us an organization through which you can fully trust the integrity of your products.