Eco Responsibility Program In Torrent Group
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eco responsibility

Eco Responsibility at Torrent Group


Torrent Group has a mission: To be Ecoresponsible.


Eco responsibility is part of the Environmental Sustainability strategy of our Business Culture.


To do this, we have developed a series of Eco Responsibility initiatives, with different work objectives, which include product design, logistics, origin and certification of our raw materials, the energy we use and the health of our employees.


At Torrent Closures, we have launched several initiative and we also have a series of new projects that are being implemented daily until we complete our strategy of sustainability.

eco designv2 | Grupo Torrent España

We put great effort into researching new forms and designing our products and their components. These must be highly recyclable and sourced from sustainable locations.

eco processv2 | Grupo Torrent España

We are making many positive changes to our process lines constantly making progress on their improvements. We incorporate new technologies in order to achieve a greater reduction in consumption and, in turn, have the least possible impact on the environment.

eco healthv2 | Grupo Torrent España

We think about the health of our employees. For this purpose, we have been carrying out actions to ensure a better quality of their professional life, incorporating cutting-edge technology.

eco colaborationv2 | Grupo Torrent España

We work with different associations and entities to exchange knowledge and experiences about eco responsibility. This is to meet the constant objective of improving the sustainability, recyclability and security of the products that require our stoppers.

eco educationv2 | Grupo Torrent España

We understand that in order to be an eco responsibility company, we must do more than make technological and structural changes. We must constantly educate ourselves as a company. This happens by involving our entire environment, both inside and outside our company.

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