Torrent Group: 100 Years Of Innovation
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Torrent Group: 100 years of innovation

The Torrent Group has been providing closure solutions for the olive oil (EVOO), alcoholic drinks and wine sectors worldwide 100 over years. We reached our first centenary in 2018, never more grateful to our loyal customers for their support.  This would not have been possible without the unprecedented commitment of a team of professionals dedicated to doing the job well.


The history of the Torrent Group is linked to innovation and constant excellence in the search for “Ad Hoc” closure solutions. In fact, we are the leading manufacturer in the world of non-refillable stopper dispensers for EVOO, and the second for liqueurs and spirits.


Our journey began with cork stoppers over a hundred years ago. They were cylindrical and conical and evolved towards different and original alternatives, such as bartop stopper closures.


Then we offered the first measures of protection and security for the food industry, treating the stopper with paraffin and applying hot glue. Furthermore, in the following years, incredible decorative techniques for closures were developed, setting a distinctive new trend.


Torrent Group began to improve its range of products in the 1970s by providing customers with other alternative products. This time, aluminium became the focus for a new kind of closure solutions. We were the leaders of a complete revolution that caused a very positive change in the non-refillable closure sector. We incorporated and developed all the technology required in order to offer our customers the aluminium screw cap.

Torrent Group: Non-refillable stoppers


At that time, the first non-refillable valve was developed. Combined with an aluminium stopper, it offered the maximum anti-counterfeit security available on the market.


In the last twenty years of the 20th century, Torrent modernised its technology, developed new models and obtained different patents.

Torrent Group: R + D +


Torrent Group entered the 21st century with this investment in R+D+I. Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i) have been key factors in our becoming a leading company in the closure sector.


In the last decade, our international expansion has been remarkable, with factories opened in India and in Africa, and new distributors recruited in Mexico, Russia and Colombia, in addition to over 25 companies with whom we already work.