Aluminum Caps To Preserve Quality And Taste In Wine - Torrent Closures
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Aluminum caps to preserve quality and taste in wine

Tapones de aluminio de rosca para preservar el sabor y la calidad - Aluminum caps | Torrent Closures

Aluminum caps to preserve quality and taste in wine

Aluminum caps improves its positions on the world wine market. The use of aluminum caps means a big success for producers, enologists, wine makers and consumers, as they protect taste and smell, have recycling easiness, offer many decoration possibilities, a very easy opening, innovative technology and sales increase, due to cost reduction.

Our company has a fifty year experience producing such aluminum caps.

 In Torrent,  we offer our customers new improved closing solutions constantly. In fact, we will inaugarate soon a new R+D+I office in our production plant in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cádiz. More recently, we opened up  a new factory in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, that internalizes lithographic  proceses in aluminum in our manufacturing process. We are crearly commited to support aluminum closures.

Aluminium closures are literally a ‘seal of quality’: they prevent a sensitive beverage like wine from oxidizing too swiftly, thus prolonging its life in perfect condition. According to the  European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) “Aluminum caps create a highly effective barrier without affecting the product’s taste and smell. All materials used in aluminium closures are perfectly neutral from an organoleptic point of view, helping to preserve the flavours of the wine and prevent contamination.”

Torrent manufactures 120 million wine aluminum caps annually in different formats. We directly export this aluminium caps to France, Italy, Southafrica, Australia, Argentina, Chile and U.S.A., among others. The increase in sales in Spain grows every year, due to the demand of producers, consumers and supermarkets. The latter require their suppliers to turn into aluminium in order to cut out the returns of numerous tainted cork bottles.

Some 75% of all world produced aluminium is still in use nowadays. This is a significative advantage over cork. Cork is not reusable, as the material suffers when uncorking and it is  contaminated witremains of theproduct. For wines, oils and many other liquid foods, wastes represent not only a loss in product but also a loss in energy, water and fertilizers. It is stimated that between 2 and 5 % of cork bottled wine is lost due to tainting, but thanks to the virtues of aluminum caps and the increase on sales, this number is reverting.

In a recent divulgative campaing by Alufoil, EAFA‘s Executive Director says  “Once again we can demonstrate that aluminium is a material with a high functionality in product preservation and with impressive recycling and sustainability credentials” explains Stefan Glimm, and continues “It can be recycled endlessly and the recycling saves up to 95% energy use compared to its primary production, with the corresponding savings in greenhouse gas emissions,”.