Metallographics And The “ecological Wall” Or How To Reduce Waste Generation - Torrent Closures
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Metallographics and the “ecological wall” or how to reduce waste generation

Pared ecológica en Metalgráfica para reducir la generación de residuos -ecological wall | Torrent Closures

Metallographics and the “ecological wall” or how to reduce waste generation

The idea of creating an “ecological wall” in the Metallographics facilities, the Torrent Group lithography factory, emerged with the objective of reducing the generation of packaging waste that is produced at our production plants.  The initiative to convert ink cans used to print the aluminium on stoppers into pots came from the Metallographics staff.  After cleaning the containers, they have been recycled to transform them into pots for plants and flowers. The water that is used to irrigate the  wall comes from the rain captured on the warehouse roof.

Always committed to compliance with the ISO14001 st andard, upholding the integral management and care for the environment  in all production process, the company has wanted to carry out another action to create awareness of  the importance of environmental care.

On the day of the inauguration of the “ecological wall”, the staff families were invited to participate in this project.

Children and adults left their hand prints next to each pot as a symbol of a day focused on the care and maintenance of the environment.