Safety Caps And Non-refillable Capsules Against Counterfeiting And Fraud - Torrent Closures
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Safety Caps and non-refillable capsules against counterfeiting and fraud

Tapones de seguridad - Safety Caps | Grupo Torrent

Safety Caps and non-refillable capsules against counterfeiting and fraud

Torrent Closures Torrent Closures manufactures safety caps for more than 40 years. We create metal caps, non-drip caps, measuring caps,  and non-refillable pourers that protect consumers from counterfeiting, fraud and prevent the illegal refill of the bottles of olive oilliquors, spirits, and wine from our clients.

We also manufacture plastic caps, closures with non-drip feature and non-refillable measuring closures, designed by our own R+D department to prevent spill out and stains in the bottle, the label or the hand of the consumer.

Today counterfeiting and illegal refill pose a growing threat and a serious risk to human health, consumer confidence and welfare.  Therefore, from its beginning, Torrent Closures has been committed to food safety, offering within our caps and closures security systems that  give the customer greater guarantee of the origin, traceability and quality of the final product.

Safety caps

Torrent Closures was the first company in Spain to be granted patents for secure and non-refillable caps during the 70’s. The ease of opening and closure, the enhanced tightness, competitive price and multiple decorative possibilities and design, were decisive advantages for customers who made use of them.

In this decade, we developed the first non-refillable valve that combined with an aluminium cap, offered the maximum counterfeiting security in the market. It was time for change, developing and innovation. Plastic and Aluminium joint together to form a competitive alliance that has lasted until now.

In the last 20 years of the twentieth century, Torrent Closures modernises its technology and develops and patents new safety caps and closures models, being the first to introduce the Machine Vision (MV) technology to production lines in order to ensure the best quality.