Non-refillable Closures For Beverages: Innovation, Guarantee And Quality, According To Infopack - Torrent Closures
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Non-refillable closures for beverages: Innovation, guarantee and quality, according to Infopack

Tapones irrellenables para bebidas - Non-refillable closures

Non-refillable closures for beverages: Innovation, guarantee and quality, according to Infopack

The prestigious Spanish magazine Infopack has dedicated an extensive report to our company, highlighting innovation, quality and the guarantee of our non-refillable closures.

According to the magazine, Torrent Group is immersed in a process of continuous innovation, aimed at taking another step forward in the  non-refillable closure sector.  Differentiation and innovation are essential values for companies that aspire to be competitive in an increasingly demanding market.

The sector for non-refillable closures.

The great efforts of the R+D+I department are providing excellent results in the sector for non-refillable closures for liqueurs, spirits and virgin olive oil. The investments and the follow-up of the R+D+I processes contribute to the positioning of the company in terms of export challenges in a widely globalized world. Customers are offered new types of closure, and innovative solutions for products and processes are reinvented. That is a constant part of what Torrent does.

The challenge is focused, at this moment, on the development and improvement of tamper-proof and non-refillable closures for the liquor and spirits market, without forgetting the virgin olive oil sector.

Producers, official bodies and consumers are aware of the risks to the public health caused by the consumption of adulterated beverages. Counterfeiting and refilling represent a serious risk to the well-being of consumers. Since its inception, the Torrent Group has contributed to the safety of the food chain with extremely safe stopper solutions that provide safety and guarantee of origin. Therefore, the solutions of Torrent closures represent an added value for drinks, spirits and olive oil.

Torrent Group offers a wide variety of models of non-refillable closures, with different levels of safety and suitable to seal all types of drinks.

Practices such as counterfeiting and refilling are a reality in many countries. In the case of Colombia, for example, these illicit activities are estimated at 50% of the total volume of liqueurs consumed. Torrent Group has had a sales office, distributor and technical team in this country for years. It has recently opened its headquarters in Mexico with the intention of addressing at first hand the specific needs of its customers.

Currently, the authorities of several Latin American countries are involved in the struggle to preserve the quality of national liqueurs and beverages and guarantee the population safe access to consumption.

The advantages of non-refillable and tamper-proof closures manufactured by the Torrent Group therefore represent a guarantee and success in the fight against counterfeiting and the refilling of liqueurs and spirits.

In addition, and in response to the demand from the Asian market, in 2012 Torrent started a stopper production plant in India for liqueurs and beverages.

The tops of the Torrent Group are safe, prevent the adulteration of liqueurs and olive oil, offer guarantee of origin, protect food safety and the consumer, and are difficult to falsify.

Amongst other measures to protect the product, Torrent Group has added different guarantee systems to its non-refillable closures. Tamper-evidence shows if the bottle has been previously opened. Anti-counterfeiting enables the end consumer to detect if the bottle in question is a forgery or not. Non-refillability prevents the bottle from being refilled with a lower quality product once it is empty.

The Torrent Group bases its working philosophy on four solid pillars with which it manages to offer its customers a comprehensive service in everything related to non-refillable closures and their application. These pillars are R+D+I, Consultancy, Technical Assistance, and Operations and Products. They understand that it is essential to accompany the producers at all stages of the development of a new product, from the moment it is initially conceived until finally it leaves packaging of its facilities.

In addition, a broad product portfolio and an unbeatable service make the company’s extensive experience available to beverage and olive oil producers when defining a product by analysing needs and providing sketches, models and prototypes. The company also advises and assists regarding everything related to the application of the product, monitoring and quality assurance.

Sintra, Captor, NipTop, and V90

The safety stoppers and non-refillable closures are helping to reduce people’s health problems caused by the consumption of adulterated alcoholic drinks. Its implementation has been the result of a coordinated effort between researchers, engineers and technicians at Torrent Group. Models such as NipTop, Sintra, Captor and V90, are highly valued. These closures are distributed in the national and international market.

*Sintra: The design, materials, decoration systems used and a new visual and audible safety seal prevent this stopper from being rebuilt or reproduced, completely preventing any potential counterfeiting. It has been equipped internally with a mechanism of labyrinths and safety valves that protect and shield it against refilling.

This stopper is also distinguished by its enormous decorative potential, both in the upper area and on the entire side of the stopper. It offers more advertising surface than conventional models.

*Captor: It has high tamper-proof and non-refillability levels. The novelty of the Captor is its safety seal. This one is hidden before the bottle is opened. It appears once the bottle is opened and can no longer be hidden. Therefore, it is a further sign that this container has been manipulated. This top’s finish is metallic, which allows a higher quality decoration.

*Niptop: It is achieving record sales in India and Africa, thanks to its high safety levels. Once the bottle is opened and the stopper’s safety seal is removed, it cannot be restored. It is therefore obvious if the container has been opened beforehand. These closures are easy to fit and offer broad decorative options.

*V90: It is a very innovative closure because it includes an effective system of telescopic drop-stoppers, and a controlled dispensation. The presentation, once the bottle is opened, is surprising and innovative.