Torrent opts for sustainable production

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Torrent opts for sustainable production

Torrent expanded its storage capacity for bulk polymer pellets by installing three new silos in Compañía de Tapones Irrellenables (CTISA), its El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) factory, marking another step towards sustainable production. There is now a total of nine silos servicing this production plant.

Objectives: Sustainable production and greater food safety with our customers in mind

The Torrent Group’s philosophy ecoresponsible sees moving steadily towards the food safety of our products and towards increasingly sustainable production as essential.


As part of this objective, we continuously implement multiple improvements in our productive eco-processes. In terms of the benefits of using silos in our day-to-day lives, we can also highlight, in addition to expanding storage capacity, the following measures:


  • By reducing the handling of sacks by the use of silos for storage of the pellets, the risk of contamination of the material through sacks breaking or chips in the pallets is drastically reduced.
  • Plus, by transferring the pellets directly from the cistern to the silo, and from the silo to the injectors, the risk of the pellets being physically contaminated is eliminated.
  • By reducing pallets with sacks of material, unnecessary packaging is removed from the process: wood pallets, plastic sacks and strapping, amongst others. In this way, the carbon footprint of our raw materials is improved.
  • It allows us to transport more material on each transport, which reduces the carbon emissions generated by that vehicle, again contributing to improving the carbon footprint of our raw materials.
  • The handling of the sacks of pellets by our operators is significantly reduced, resulting in ergonomic improvements as there is no need to handle heavy bags. Our goal in this regard is to improve the Ecohealth concept amongst our staff.
  • Last but not least, the large reduction in the use of plastic sacks in the transfer and transfer of bulk pellets will have its effect on the reduction of the waste generated by our factory, by significantly reducing the empty plastic sacks after the pellets are used.

A substantial improvement in our productivity

On the other hand, the three new silos installed in CTISA (Compañía de Tapones Irrellenables), our company in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, now added to the six that we already had in operation, will help us to take a leap forward in productivity.


Each silo has the capacity to hold 90 tons, and using them gives us many operational benefits, such as:


  • expanding storage capacity by 180 tons will allow us new management resources when planning strategies for commodity shortages, which we are currently experiencing.
  • freeing up storage space in warehouses will allow us to store more different types of pellets in silos and therefore reduce or eliminate storage in sacks.
  • optimizing the efficiency of the injection process by reducing the time spent loading containers with pellets and the transport of these by the operators.


Get to know and trust the Torrent Group as other leading brands have done

The improvements we have described to you are the result of our passion for investing in the innovation and evolution of our processes. The food safety of our customers is our cornerstone, the sustainability of our production our foundation. At Torrent Group, we take care of the environment and our employees’ health with pride and dedication.


We therefore invite you to get to know our company that has been operating for one hundred years and supplies many of the world’s leading brands in food beverages. Find out about the Torrent Group and make us your choice: you won’t be disappointed!