Kenya: we were visited by ICEX future specialists in foreign trade

Torrent Kenya and ICEX

Kenya: we were visited by ICEX future specialists in foreign trade

A few days ago, our Torrent Kenya production plant was visited by scholarship students from the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX). They were given an in-depth guide to our company by our CEO in Torrent Kenya, Nuria Martínez de Velasco.

Asier González, Marta Espín and José María Camenforte are part of a three-year programme for foreign trade specialists. They have already completed their first year of their master’s degree in International Business Management in the CECO (ICEX Centre for Economic and Commercial Studies). They are now in their second year of training, involving practical experience in the network of Spain’s financial and commercial offices abroad. The third year of their programme consists of internships, inside or outside Spain, at international companies, entities or organizations, for a duration of 12 months.


Interest in Manufacturing in Torrent Kenya

During their visit to the Nairobi plant, Asier, Marta and José María displayed a keen interest in manufacturing in Kenya and especially the motivations of shareholders for investing here. They were also very surprised to discover the world of closures and what this sector moves in terms of millions of units and euros.

Many thanks for your interest!