Torrent Closures Innovates In Aluminium Screw Caps, Infopack Magazine Informs - Torrent Closures
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Torrent closures innovates in aluminium screw caps, Infopack Magazine informs

tapones de aluminio de rosca - aluminium screw caps

Torrent closures innovates in aluminium screw caps, Infopack Magazine informs

Infopack magazine, leader magazine in the packaging sector in Spain, published in their latest issue an extensive article signed by our CEO David Torrent, detailing the latest advances in the alumimium screw cap sector. The reportage can be found in the special dossier about packaging for alcoholic beverages.

Aluminium screw caps are a seal of quality.

According to David Torrent, aluminium closures are a seal of quality for the product they close. This is due to que ability of this kind of caps to preserve taste and aroma in wines, recicling advantages, decoration posibilities, easiness of opening and technology implied for reduction of costs. The use of this kind of caps represent a clear advantage for everyone, from producers, to enologists and consumers.

On the other hand, according to the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) “Aluminium closures create a highly effective barrier without affecting the product’s taste and smell. All materials used in aluminium closures are perfectly neutral from an organoleptic point of view, helping to preserve the flavours of the wine and prevent contamination.” In the recent divulgative campaing by EAFA, “Turn-360”, recycling advantages of aluminium are highlighted.

Also, Torrent decribes the economic advantages of aluminium caps over cork closures and the ease of application in production lines to achieve optimum levels of speed and performance.

Plus, consumers can easily detect an aluminium screw caps that has been manipulated previously, which implies a guarantee of security against fraud in this type of closures. State-of-the-art technologies can also be implemented on the cap to detect illegal treatment.

To finish, he higligths the vast decorative possibilities of aluminium screw caps which Torrent Closures can produce now in its new facilities.