Quality Certifications Support Torrent Closures Aluminum Cap Lithography Process - Torrent Closures
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Quality certifications support Torrent Closures aluminum cap lithography process

Certificaciones de calidad para Metalgrafica Torrent - quality certifications guarantees that Metalgraficas Torrent

Quality certifications support Torrent Closures aluminum cap lithography process

Food chain companies like Torrent Closures nowadays face an increasing number of requirements from clients, final customers and legal regulators, national and international.  Therefore, we are proud to announce our recent ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certifications for our lithography plant in less than 2 years.

The quality certifications ISO

ISO 9001 certification is a worldwide extended international quality control  norm.  This quality certifications guarantees to clients, providers and our own staff that Metalgraficas Torrent complies a quality commitment to a high level as reference to measure the performance the company.

ISO 14001, on the other hand, guarantees that our plant optimizes resources and reduces negative environmental impact to legal levels.

Metalgráficas Torrent

By achieving these certifications we are only following our self imposed commitment with high quality standards and on-going improvement processes, as part of the group’s philosophy. From the beginning, the new plant’s most important challenge was to implement this ISO norms.

They do certify that we are capable of increasing our production to our clients request with high levels of quality and efficiency, through our continuously specialized staff and our internal communication optimized process, to finally reduce our production costs. 

Also, ISO 14001 certifies that Metalgrafica Torrent fulfills the numerous legal requirements related to environmental aspects and ensures savings in waste processing and emissions, through reduction and recycling plans.

Lithography Plant

Torrent Closures achieves a great competitive advantage as with these certifications we fulfill the most demanding requirements for food security, providing assurances of legal compliance, ensuring the safety of our products.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification allow an interactive and effective communication along the supply chain, winning customer confidence, ensuring the safety of our products and the international recognition of our company and provides a tool to implement improvements in the field of food security, with greater assurance of safety in manufactured products.