Laser Markings On Closures: Additional Safety - Torrent Closures
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Laser markings on closures: Additional safety

La aplicación del láser en el tapón, un plus en seguridad Laser markings on closures | Torrent Closures

Laser markings on closures: Additional safety

The possibility of applying a laser markings, as a safety measure for our closures, represents an added value for Torrent capsules.

Aiming to provide consumers safety in the knowledge the product is original, our customers have the option to laser mark their brand, or any distinctive sign they want, on each closure.

Laser markings system

We place the laser mark on the side of the plug, between the head and the skirt, and right on the tear area. With this system, once the bottle has been opened, it is practically impossible to rebuild the distinctive sign.

As part of our broad range of safety closures, customers can choose from any kind of laser marking. These provide a high definition finish that cannot be deleted. The possibility of forgery is practically inexistent.