Casa Sauza Gives Recognition To Our Company As Alfa Supplier. - Torrent Closures
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Casa Sauza gives recognition to our company as Alfa supplier.

Casa Sauza

Casa Sauza gives recognition to our company as Alfa supplier.

Casa Sauza, Mexican producer of one of the finest tequila’s in the world, has recently recognized our company for achieving and maintaining the Alfa supplier category.

With this gratification, Sauza rewards the quality of our closures, the services we provide to the company, the innovation we offer, our quick adjustment to their needs and the improvements we provide to their plant efficiency.

The ceremony consisted in a show cooking that exemplified the necessary relation between producers and suppliers. It was attended by awarded suppliers and senior executives of Sauza and it was held under the motto “We are because we all count”

Our commitment to Casa Sauza.

The Mexican house Sauza produces since 1873 one of the most internationally appreciated Tequila. In Latin America, and Mexico in particular, are very concerned with counterfeiting and illegal refilling of liquors of well recognized brands.

Our security closures guarantee the content and against refills, thus preserving the original quality, favoring sales and most important, protecting health of the final consumer.