More than half of the world’s best EVOO use Torrent Group stoppers, according to the Evooleum Guide.

Mejores aceites del mundo según la prestigiosa Guía Evooleum - best olive oils in the world | Torrent Closures

More than half of the world’s best EVOO use Torrent Group stoppers, according to the Evooleum Guide.

We have been lucky enough to receive another piece of news that fills us with satisfaction. On this occasion, we are celebrating the fact that: Torrent is the trusted supplier of stoppers for over half of the twenty best olive oils in the world!

The latest edition of the EVOOLEUM Awards took place recently. It was organized by the Evooleum Guide, a Mercacei Publishing Group publication, which has named the world’s 100 Best EVOOs. The EVOOLEUM Awards are probably the Mercadel most prestigious international prize awarded for quality in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Torrent and best olive oils in the world

From the latest guide which came out in May, we were delighted to learn that eleven of the world’s twenty best olive oils in the world are enterprises and companies that entrust Torrent Closures with providing stoppers for their bottling.

At this point, we would like to introduce you to our glass bottle mouth Pilfer – Steelcap. This tends to be the option most selected by EVOO bottlers because this bottling system is ideal for even the most extreme logistical conditions, and guarantees that the product remains in a perfect state up to the moment of consumption. This model guarantees non-refillability and maximizes control, ensuring a better experience for the consumer.

Almaoliva Arbequino and Rincón de la Subbetica Altitude, produced by the Almazaras de la Subbetica Co-operative in Carcabuey, Córdoba province; Maeva & Toro by Aceites Maeva SLU; Oro Magnasur Premium by the Bedmarense Andalusian Co-operative Society; Monte Rosso Grand Selection from the Monte Rosso brand; Oro de Bailen Picual by Aceites Oro de Bailen; Prólogo by the Janecoop Group; Valdenvero Coupage, produced by the Olivarera Valdepeñas Co-operative; Oro del Desierto Picual by Rafael Alonso Aguilera S.L.; La Unidad by the co-operative of the same name and the “Goya Organics” oil by Goya en España SAU are the names of the eleven prestigious EVOO recognised within the Top 20 ranked by the leading publication on quality olive oils and who rely on Torrent non-refillable closures for their products.




Evooleum Guide of the best olive oils in the world

The EVOOLEUM Awards are organized by the aforementioned Mercacei Group and the Spanish Olive Association (AEMO). It is, without a doubt, a unique competition, considered the most rigorous in the sector in terms of quality and promotion of olive oil. Every year a panel of 26 experts from around the world is convened to decide and award the best olive oil in the world among more than 700 oils from around the world.

The results of the competition are published in the EVOOLEUM Guide World’s TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils in English and Spanish. The exclusive EVOO TOP100 is the highly prestigious list of the one hundred best olive oils in the world. This publication is distributed to over 3500 olive oil producers throughout the world, over 200 of the finest restaurants in the world and catering schools, amongst other organisations and companies.

We would like to express our warm and well-deserved congratulations on your success! It is an honor for us to work with these companies and, from our perspective, to be part of their process and we congratulate all the manufacturers of the best olive oils in the world from our place.