Mercacei Magazine: Torrent Closures Against Counterfeiting And Illegal To Refill - Torrent Closures
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Mercacei Magazine: Torrent Closures against counterfeiting and illegal to refill

Mercacei Magazine: Torrent closures against counterfeiting and illegal to refill| Torrent Closures

Mercacei Magazine: Torrent Closures against counterfeiting and illegal to refill

Today counterfeiting and illegal to refill pose a growing threat and a serious risk to human health and consumer welfare.  Our non-refillable pourers protect your clients from counterfeiting by preventing the illegal refill of bottles of olive oil, thus providing confidence and a guarantee of origin.

Mercacei magazine, the olive oil market leading magazine, published on both its digital and weekly editions featured information on our commitment with the use of non-refillable caps for the virgin olive oil.

EU it will ban illegal to refill

From 2014 the E.U has announced it will ban the use of olive oli cruets in bars and restaurants to avoid illegal to refill. The proposal from E.U is to use plastic or glass bottles, closed with caps.  Oil cruets can’t guarantee consumers the provenance and origin of the product.

Portugal ruled out the use of cruets in 2006 and Italy, also a country with long tradition in olive oil production/comsuption,  is already implementing this action.

Safety Closures

Torrent Closures manufactures security closures for more than 40 years. We create metal and plastic caps (measuring caps,  and non-refillable pourers) and we also manufacture non-drip caps and non-refillable measuring closures, designed by our own R+D department to prevent spill out and stains in the bottle, the label or the hand of the consumer.