The Nip Top Safety Caps, Easy To Apply And With Great Decorative Possibilities, Best Seller In Asia - Torrent Closures
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The Nip Top safety caps, easy to apply and with great decorative possibilities, best seller in Asia

Los tapones Nip Top - The safety caps Nip Top

The Nip Top safety caps, easy to apply and with great decorative possibilities, best seller in Asia

The safety caps Nip Top are achieving record sales in Asian countries, especially in India, thanks to the high level of security they present. Once you open the bottle and remove the security seal of the cap, it can not be put together again. Therefore, the opening of the container is evident. Also, Nip Top closures are easy to use and offer very large decorative possibilities.

Our best selling model of the safety caps.

Since the opening of our new production facility in India in July 2012, our production capacity has doubled in Asia. Our best selling model is the Nip Top. This cap is ideal for small capacity bottles, as it is 100% plastic and in the low cost line.

In the past year, our company invested € 3 million in the production plant in India and also medium-term investment will be maintained. Nowadays, we employ more than 100 workers directly, holding in its nearly 2000 square meters high-tech machinery and precision.

In addition to the Nip Top cap, we offer our customers in India a broad portfolio of high quality, secure and reliable closures. Our continuous R + D + i strategy is a key development factor of all our products.

We use materials and the latest technology in all production processes, favoring the outcome. Torrent Group designs and customize your closing demand, managing the sketches, the lithos, clichés and templates. Also, we do not outsource, making in-house our whole production chain. A 100% control on the processes guarantees high levels of quality standards