Sintra Closure, Safety Of Getting It Right - Torrent Closures
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Sintra closure, safety of getting it right

Sintra, un tapón diseñado para evitar fraudes y falsificación - Sintra closure, safety of getting it right

Sintra closure, safety of getting it right

Loyal to our principles of providing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, we launched the SINTRA closure model in early 2012. 

Designed and developed specifically for markets with high levels of fraud and forgery, this revolutionary plug not only exceeds the expectations of our customers, but also provides maximum safety at the best price.  

Sintra closure desing

The design, materials, decoration systems employed and a novel security seal, both visual and audible, prevent this plug from being rebuilt or reproduced, fully eradicating an eventual forgery. Furthermore, it been designed internally with a series of labyrinths and safety valves that protect it and secure it against refills.

The SINTRA closure is also distinguishable for its vast range of decoration possibilities, both in the upper part and around the sides of the plug. It offers greater publicity surface compared to conventional models. SINTRA is patented and protected by Torrent. Customers in Spain, Colombia and Philippines are already using it.