Homenaje a nuestra Tribu | Grupo Torrent

Our tribute to those fighting the pandemic through their work

With the spread of COVID-19, the world blew up in our faces. We wanted to do our bit in the fight to eradicate the disease. Thanks to our technological knowledge and the efforts of our Tribe, as well as the determination to help others, an idea was born. Anti-spray protection masks are today a reality which would not have been possible without the unity efforts of our team, collaborators and suppliers.



The utterly altruist objective was and continues to be to deliver the protection masks to groups and workers who are on the front line of the fight against this terrible pandemic which has already cost so many lives. Social agents, health workers, volunteers, hauliers, workers in essential sectors, soldiers, state security forces, police, civil protection and delivery people… THANKS to your dedication and commitment, we are able to cope much better with this surreal situation. This video is a small tribute to your professionalism.

We want to give back to society just a tiny bit of what it has given us…

#ActionsThatMatter from THE TORRENT TRIBE