Alimarket Publishes Our Positive Annual Financial Results - Torrent Closures
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Alimarket publishes our positive annual financial results

Alimarket | grupo Torrent

Alimarket publishes our positive annual financial results

Alimarket, content generation leader in economic and sectorial information in Spain, has recently released an article on our positive annual financial results in 2013. The magazine highlights our growth of over 8% and our increased production of 1.000 million caps against 800 million in 2013. All of this due to the good results of the projects initiated in 2012 and 2013 with the opening of new factories in India and Spain.

Alimarket also publish our plans for the investment figures of 2014.

We will expand production capacity of our specialized factories, also our storage surface area and our new R+D Lab, to develop new closures and security systems.

Furthermore, they support our campaing “We Guarantee the Origin”, which we launched to provide technical information relevant to producers and bottlers of Olive Oil commented on previous posts.