Tapones Personalizados Para Licores Y Espirituosos
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Stoppers for liqueurs and spirits

Torrent Group provides its customers with a broad range of non-refillable stoppers for liqueurs and spirits, with different security systems. Counterfeiting and the refilling of liqueurs are common practices in some countries. This generates health problems amongst the population and considerable losses for the sector.

Stopper systems for liqueurs and spirits developed by the Torrent Group


To protect both our customers and the end consumer, we have developed and incorporated different systems into our stoppers for liqueurs and spirits:


    • Tamper-evidence: Displays if the bottle has been previously opened
    • Anti-counterfeit: Confirms if the product contained in the bottle is original or not
    • Non-refillable: These prevent the bottle from being refilled with a lower quality product once it is empty


The NPN Stopper or Non-refillable Pressure Nozzle (NPN) is the most common model of stopper for glass bottles with a pressure closure in the liqueur and spirits sector. A sector that is highly sensitive to the counterfeiting, fraud and sabotage of its products. For this reasons our range of closure products uses complex anti-refillable and extracting mechanisms, without forgetting the simplification and application of the product to obtain a higher speed through lines or the industrialization of the packaging process. Without neglecting the perfect condition of the product until its consumption.


The glass pilfer/steelcap bottle mouth is the option mostly chosen by bottlers of liqueurs and spirits. This packaging system, in which the bottle, pouring stopper and their correct application through screw-on capper work together, overcomes the most extreme logistical conditions, guaranteeing the perfect condition of the product until its consumption.


Torrent Group has multiple product lines, made by combining several plastic materials and by also incorporating aluminium to reinforce security and perceived value. All provide decoration that adds value to the packaging.


With the different designs of stopper, we obtain different levels of pouring, ensure non-refillability or maximize control, seeking the best consumer experience and influencing repeat purchases.

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