Positive Assessment After A Year Of Compulsory Use Of Non Refillable Olive Oil Bottles In Food Service Sector - Torrent Closures
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Positive assessment after a year of compulsory use of non refillable olive oil bottles in Food Service sector

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Positive assessment after a year of compulsory use of non refillable olive oil bottles in Food Service sector

It is now a year of the implementation by the Ministry of Agriculture of the norm that made compulsory the use of non refillable, one use only bottles for EVOO in bars and restaurants, implying also the correct labeling depending on origin, type, variety and characteristics.

An action that incontestably rises the value of the product, providing confidence to the consumer and food safety guarantyputting end to those greasy, once and again refilled bottles.

This law, with a clear anti fraud conception, and a guaranty of authenticity and increased prestige to our mediterranean diet star, could not have been possible without the contribution of cap manufacturers that provided the producers with solutions to end the harmful habit of refilling containers.

Torrent Closures world manufacturing leader in aluminum caps with 40 years of experience in design and creation of non refillable closures, developed specially designed, most market efficient cap models to EVOO producers.

Torrent Closures presents models, Olea, Gades and Captor that not only offer new controlled pouring systems and non-drip feature but also offer multiple decorative possibilities. In addition they have a security seal that breaks in the first opening and falls apart. In addition and for supplementary security, it has a series of elements and labyrinths to protect the bottle from refilling or adulteration.

In their construction, we used state-of-the-art material that offers maximum resistance against manipulation.

Torrent Closures maintain the information campaign “We Guarantee the Origin” in our website, which promotes the benefits of the use of non-refillable caps for virgin olive oil bottles thus guarantee security for olive oil. Also technical information in English and Spanish is provided about our olive oil security caps, specifically designed to guarantee security of bottles they close.