Pilfer Steelcap Stopper For EVOO, Vinegars And Others
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Tapón Pilfer -Pilfer – Steelcap Stopper

Pilfer Steelcap Stopper for EVOO, vinegars, sauces and others

The glass pilfer steelcap bottle mouth is the option mostly chosen by bottles of EVOO, vinegar, sauces and other high-quality oils. This packaging system, in which the bottle, pouring pilfer steelcap stopper and their correct application through screw-on capper work together, overcomes the most extreme logistical conditions, guaranteeing the perfect condition of the product until its consumption.


For this packaging, we have the widest range of pouring stoppers for the customer’s requirements or according to the desired consumer experience, as well two lengths of stopper, enabling their decoration and a greater impact on the on the shelf to influence the consumer’s purchase decision.


With the different designs of pourer, we obtain different levels of pouring, ensure non-refillability or maximize control, seeking the best consumer experience and influencing repeat purchases. We always emphasize the correct non-drop operation, which avoids the uncontrolled spill of the product on the bottle, thereby tarnishing the user’s experience and brand image. The long consumption time of this bottling means that consumers multiply their interactions with the product. In this way, we ensure the functionality of the bottle and maximize user experience. At Torrent Group, we like to say that the bottle can face over 150 moments of truth.

Pilfer Steelcap Stopper with recycled materials


Technically, the pourer stopper comprises an aluminium cap. Through a complex design, it mechanically supports the plug pourer and confirms the first opening following its application through the breaking of die-cut points. This skip-the-line assembly is recyclable as it enables the separation of materials such as aluminium and polyethylene. The aluminium supplied by our supplier comes from at least 90% recycled material, part from external collection and part from its own processes.


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