Non-refillable Caps For Limited Edition Bottles Of Licorera Del Valle Are A Guarantee Of Success - Torrent Closures
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Non-refillable caps for limited edition bottles of Licorera del Valle are a guarantee of success

Industria de Licores del Valle

Non-refillable caps for limited edition bottles of Licorera del Valle are a guarantee of success

Colombian public company Industrias Licoreras del Valle, recently brought to market two original bottles as soccer ball commemorating the World Cup to be held in Brazil from 12 June to 12 July 2014.

The products, white rum and dark rum sugar 8 years, have been bottled in a spherical glass closed with two different models of caps by Torrent Closures. For the  sugar cane spirit, Licorera del Vallehas chosen the  Sintra model, which offers superb protection against counterfeiting. And for rum, they choose the Captor, an excellent stopper to prevent forgeries just as Sintra, and also offers a premium finish, ideal for a 8 years old rum. 

Three different versions of both bottles have been developed. In addition to Brazil, you may also find a Colombia and Argentina flag decorated bottles.

Commemoration of the 2014 Brazil World Cup

These original bottles can already be found in the market until the end of the World Cup in Brazil, as limited edition. The packaging was designed by a marketing technician from Licorera del Valle. Designer Ximena Saavedra, explained that the bottle was based on generic iconography building a message around the world of soccer and so to commemorate it with the spirits of Industrias Licoreras

For the event to present this limited edition, the Governor of the Departamento de Cauca, Ubeimar Delgado, the manager of the company Luis Fernando Martinez, were present and also some other prominent personalities from politics, plus the staff company and suppliers.