Alisha Torrent Closures India Pvt Ltd (ATC) was established in 2012 as a joint venture between Torrent Group of Spain and RJ Corporation of India. With its first plant located in Jaipur (India), ATC’s primary objective was to meet the need of quality closures for Indian Liquor Companies. Nonetheless, within barely three years of existence, we are not only meeting the requirements of various domestic customers, our production is also being marketed outside India.

Our business philosophy is to offer to our customers quality products tailored to their specific needs and at a competitive price. At the same time, we focus on highest quality standards and innovation. We are proud to have achieved this as well as an agile, flexible and high quality of service. Additionally, we also offer to our customers consultancy services on identifying the most suitable closure or cap for their needs along with advice on proper methods of handling and application of these.

At ATC, our team is our greatest asset. Highly motivated and aligned with our philosophy, our professionals are working every day to meet the needs of our esteemed customers.

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This, combined with more than a hundred years of industrial experience that Torrent Group has transmitted to ATC’s staff, has yielded concrete outcomes with high levels of efficiency leading to greater competitiveness.

Research, technological development and innovation (R + D + I) are the key factors that are of great importance to the group of companies that ATC is part of. Continuous development of new products, new production processes, technologies, patents, and ongoing improvement, contribute immensely towards positioning of the company in the Indian market as a reliable alternative in the closures industry with quality benchmarks and safeguards against counterfeiting.



The Nip Top and the T200 are among the various models of closures manufactured in our Indian plant.

Our Nip Top caps have gained a significant market share in India due to the high level of security they present. Once the bottle is opened and the security seal of the cap is removed, it cannot be reassembled again. Therefore, the opening of the cap is evidenced clearly and irreversibly. Moreover, Nip Top caps are easy to use and offer excellent printing possibilities.

The T200 is a ‘tamper-evidence’ cap that indicates if the bottle has been opened previously. It is non refillable as it includes a security valve that prevents the bottle from being refilled with a counterfeit product once emptied. In addition, various other anti-counterfeiting systems can be enabled so that consumers can be reasonably sure that the liquor is genuine.

In addition to the Nip Top and the T200, we offer our customers in India a broad portfolio of high quality, secure and reliable closures from our European plants. Our continuous R + D + I strategy is a key development factor of all our products.

ISO 9001

As a result of our commitment to quality, ATC has been certified as an ISO 9001 compliant company. This international standard promotes the implementation of a quality management system, based on a continuous PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) improvement cycle.

ATC works constantly to renew quality standards in processes and operations, fulfilling customer needs. ISO 9001 helps us to commit ourselves with the efficient use of resources and to promote our product quality policy through the whole organization and its sphere of influence..

JV Between RJ Corp and Torrent Group

The synergy created between two large business groups like RJ Corp (India), and Torrent Group (Spain), has materialized in the form of major achievements in service, quality and innovation that ATC is delivering in India and at the international level.

RJ Corp is the second largest Pepsi bottler in the world and the largest franchisee of Pizza Hut and KFC in India, managing also other major franchises. With a host of businesses ranging from soft drinks, fast food, ice cream, dairy products, beers, education and real estate etc., RJ Corp has also made pioneering inroads in emerging sectors such as stem cell research and modern healthcare.

RJ Corp today has a presence all over India and has achieved excellent results in the international markets. The Group has presence in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Morocco, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Australia and Thailand.

As for Torrent Group, it’s the world largest olive oil closures manufacturer and the second manufacturer in closures for liquors and spirits. Almost one hundred years of experience in the manufacturing of solutions based on research, technological development and innovation, guarantee the quality of their products.

Torrent Group has an extensive and professional network of distributors worldwide. Thanks to a broad and professional network of plants and distributors and to the agreements signed with our commercial partners viz ATC in India, Tapas de las Americas in Colombia, Torrent Closures in Mexico, as well as the subsidiary in Russia (Torrent Ru), we support over 800 customers in 35 different countries.

The closure being a product of a highly technical nature, we provide customized support, right from conceptualizing of an initial definition of the client’s original idea, to the technical implementation of the industrial line processes in their bottling plant. Our representatives, locally and internationally, provide specialized ongoing support adapted to the customer’s requirements.