Ad Hoc Custom Bottle Stoppers - Torrent Closures
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Ad Hoc Customized Stoppers

Torrent Group set itself the challenge of developing “ad hoc” Custom Bottle Stoppers in order to meet the specific needs our customers and markets.


Our professional trajectory has been one of continuous improvement and innovation, and the key for our company to be a leader in the closure sector, one aspect of which are the customized stoppers we provide for our customers.

Ad Hoc Custom Bottle Stoppers to meet customer requirements.


In such a competitive market, non-refillable ad hoc customized stoppers bring an added value to the branding of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and liqueurs. From our Innovation and Development Department, we generate trends, combining aesthetics, safety, design and functionality in our customized stoppers. With our ad hoc Custom Bottle Stoppers, the marketing of liqueurs, beverages and EVOO drives us towards excellence through exclusivity.


With our closures, we complete the quality of their packaging with elegance and the style that defines the corporate brand and identity it represents. We know a good product through its packaging, so the Torrent Group helps its customers cater to the smallest details, complementing the style of their bottles with our customized stoppers.


Torrent Group’s trajectory is constantly defined by the quest for customized closure solutions. We therefore work under the strictest confidentiality during the development process for the closures we manufacture, offering our customers security, innovation and constant excellence for their products.


Torrent Group raises the level of our customers’ requests to the maximum so that their products are identified as being exclusive in the market, also providing added value for the end consumer.

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